The Art Of Magic Series

Hello and welcome.

                             I am the author of the brand new fantasy series The Art Of Magic.  This series is full of excitement and adventure, comedy and heartache.  It is an exciting saga of sorcery, fighting, love, cruelty and intrigue that will leave you guessing until the very end.


The First Book Now Available.


Real Of The Castle was published 8th October 2012.


No child should wish for death, but she did.  Ten year old Serenity had been taken captive from her home Shell Bay, an Island just off the Mainland of Garnatia.  She was held against her will and endured torture so vile it is hard to comprehend. 

Eventually rescued she was taken to a castle and found her whole life had been a lie, she now had to find out who she really was.  With the help of Sabien Campbell, the kings personal potector and commander of the elite guards and army and her two best friends, Seb and Alex, two of the kings best soldiers, Serenity began her journey of fear, laughter, excitement and adventure.  All Serenitys worst fears and her dreams came to reality.

  Twisting and turning at every corner, this book brings new life to fantasy.  It will have you laughing, bring teas to your eyes and leave you guessing.